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Step Up. Step Forward.

A Note From the President

I will leave it to better pundits than I to encapsulate where we are as the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be easing. There are exhilarating signs of normality. We are even having a major league baseball game — with fans.

But from the perspective of a financial institution that is embedded in our communities – still doing emergency SBA PPP loans – this is the critical time. A time to dust ourselves off, stand up, look to those around us who need support. People need to have trust in the future to resurrect businesses, to create jobs. Our communities in the heart of the west are dependent on small and medium-sized businesses that hire about half of the working people and provide half of the goods and services.

Many of our neighbors own and operate businesses. Many of our immigrants in our communities own and operate businesses. That is how most Americans, particularly in the west, get ahead — and always have. We are risk-takers, go-getters, and innovators. But the downside is many of those businesses earn just enough to provide income — but do not provide a reservoir of funds for rainy days. That is where the shutdowns hurt the core of our communities and are where the comeback will happen.

What we do now to support that come-back is vital. We are all part of the fabric of our communities. Where we have the power to help our neighbors rebuild, we must step up and do so. At Sierra, we’re continuing to bring Paycheck Protection Program loans to local businesses who need them and working with our business members to make sure they receive the support they need. What can you do, as a consumer, as a community, to lend a hand?

Today is the day to step up, to step forward, and to help our communities recover. Join us in supporting local businesses, any way you can.

–  Jim Hunting, President & CEO