All Your Bills, One Login

When something is important to you, you monitor it closely. When it’s your money, you keep it on a short leash.

Sierra Pacific’s Bill Pay lets you schedule, track, and send payments anywhere, anytime, all within your Online Banking account.

Online Enrollment

To enroll in Bill Pay, log in to Online Banking and navigate to “Bill Pay” on the main menu. Follow enrollment instructions to get started.

Not enrolled in online banking? Click here to get set up.

Take Control


Set up one-time or recurring payments for all of your bills in a few simple steps. Never be late on a payment again.


Easily confirm that your payments have gone through


Track your payment history, verify account balances, set recurring payments, or receive email or text reminders when your bills are due.

Pay Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Utilities, Rent, and Phone

Keep the house running smoothly. Schedule your rent, water, energy, gas, trash, phone, internet, and cable bills. View payment history to keep track of increases.

Loan and Credit Card Payments

Missing loan payments can hurt your credit score. Add your auto and mortgage loans, and credit and store cards to manage the madness.

Person to Person

Bill Pay goes beyond business payments. You can set up one-time or scheduled payments to individuals, too. Pay allowances, the babysitter, and the landlord, all from one place.

Bill Pay FAQs

You can enroll in and access your Bill Pay account through online banking.

  • Login to online banking
  • Open the main menu
  • Find the “Bill Pay” option located under “Services”


Bill Pay,


Payments are sent one of two ways:

  • Electronically via secure transmission. The majority of payments are made this way
  • Mailed as paper checks via the U.S. Postal Service


Bill Pay,


You can pay virtually any business or individual with a mailing address within the United States or Puerto Rico. For example, you can pay utilities, cable bills, credit cards, or individuals such as a landlord, babysitter, or relative.


Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your online banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which Sierra Pacific account you want the payment to come from. It’s safe, secure, and easy to use.


Bill Pay

Yes, Sierra’s Bill Pay feature is offered free of charge for all members. You must be enrolled in both Online Banking and Bill Pay to get access.


Bill Pay

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