Securing Financial Freedom: A Guide for Young Adults

Entering adulthood often comes with a myriad of responsibilities, and one of the most significant challenges faced by many young people today is managing student debt while striving for financial stability. However, with careful planning, discipline, and the right strategies, it is possible to eliminate student debt, save money, and lay the foundation for a [...]
Summer Reading Book Suggestions

Summer Reading Book Suggestions

Ready to start reading? We've got you covered. Check out the resources below and start earning rewards!   CFPB's "Build your child's money skills while you read" Solano County Library Reading Challenge Money Prodigy's "9 Great Money Books For Teens" The Startup Squad's "8 Must-Read Books For Kids And Teens To Learn Financial Literacy" New [...]

Sierra Pacific’s Summer Reading Challenge

Sometimes the best summer vacation can be found with the turn of a page. That's why Sierra Pacific is holding a Summer Reading Challenge. Kids 3-18 are encouraged to read books tailored to financial literacy for the chance to win some fantastic kid-friendly prizes! Get your favorite reading nook ready because from June 1st - [...]

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