Less Waste, Less Mess, More Security

Drop the paper. You can access your Sierra Pacific statements securely online with e-statements.

Enroll in E-Statements

E-statements are stored securely in your online banking profile, and can be accessed online or in the mobile app.

Sign Up Through Online Banking

You can enroll in e-statements easily from within your online or mobile banking profile.

  • Log in and
  • Open the Main Menu
  • Navigate to the “Email” or “Email Settings” tab
  • Select the email you’d like e-statment notices sent to
  • Follow prompts to turn e-statements
  • Review and agree to the Electronic Statement Consent Agreement
  • Save your settings

No Online Banking?

You must enroll in online banking to access e-statements.

You can sign up for both online banking and e-statements together now by clicking the link below, or by contacting your branch. 

Access E-Statements Online

You can sort, view, and download all of your e-statements from your online or mobile banking profile. Open the “Statements + Documents” page in the main menu to get started.

View and Download Statements

Your statements will be visible in the “Statements + Documents” page in online or mobile banking. You can view them here anytime, and download from online banking to print or save.

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
  • Open the Main Menu
  • Navigate to the “Statements + Documents” tab
  • Select the month you’d like to view a statement for
  • In Online Banking, click “Save” to download the statement

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