Jim’s Note Summer 2020

Over the past few months, we’ve all learned to appreciate, if not fully embrace, digital alternatives to our usual routines. We’ve ordered local takeout with Grubhub™ or Postmates, Zoomed with our grandkids and co-workers, and experimented with online banking alternatives. At Sierra Pacific, we’ve been transforming our services for years in pursuit of a goal: help members do business from anywhere. While big banks have focused on building more branches, we’ve focused on reaching members anywhere, close to a branch or not, with the same level of care and service. It is amusing to see commercials from larger institutions advertising that their members can bank anywhere, and showing off their digital solutions.

Not only have we had those tools for years, but Sierra Pacific doesn’t have to charge hidden fees to cover the cost. That is what makes the new world of connectivity and technology cool. By the time they have run it through the bureaucracy, we are on to the next thing. We’re glad to see so many members taking advantage of the digital tools Sierra Pacific has added in the past few years. I think we have several things that have not been top of mind to members—until you get your wallet/ purse stolen. Many members don’t know about online Card Control. If your debit or credit cards is misplaced or stolen, you can open up mobile banking and freeze transactions on the spot. And in the COVID world, guess what people are discovering…contactless transactions. Even most of the gas stations have them.

You can add any Sierra card to ApplePay®, GooglePay™, or SamsungPay™ and use your phone to make contactless purchases in stores and restaurants. Just this month, we’ve introduced a new tool called Money Desktop to help members track and plan all of their finances, whether an account is with us or not. You can track balances and spending, create a budget, set goals, make a debt repayment plan, and monitor your net worth from inside Sierra Pacific’s mobile banking app. A tool worth exploring as you plan for the future.

Remember, although we love to see members using and benefiting from the long-distance tools we’ve created, I and the rest of the Sierra Pacific team are still just a phone call, email, or branch visit away. The personal support Sierra Pacific was built on hasn’t gone anywhere. If you need any help, advice or questions answered, we are here.


Thank you for your membership,

Jim Hunting, President and CEO