halloween table with candy and cookies for a halloween party

Halloween Party Hacks

Are you tired of experiencing the same Halloween parties over and over — and spending a lot on them?


You might have searched here and there to find budget-friendly Halloween ideas, but you don’t have any luck. If you see something that interests you, it might be so expensive that you must put it on the back burner for another year.


Honestly, the answer is as simple as making it yourself. So, let’s give your home the Halloween look you want to have this year — but on a budget.


Halloween Party Ideas on a Budget


It’s not a holiday season without at least one Halloween party! Trick or treating is still a couple of weeks away, so hopefully, you haven’t already exhausted all your brilliant ideas for decorations and activities.


If you’re looking to get creative this year but don’t have the time or money to hire fancy caterers or set up elaborate decorations, these quick and easy tricks will get you the best results on a budget.


DIY Halloween Decorations


DIY Halloween projects are inexpensive, easy to make, and customized, unlike store-bought decorations that look the same every year. It also gives time to strengthen your family bond as you spend time together creating your decorations. You can try the following ideas below.


  • Halloween Scarecrow
  • Spider Web Decorations
  • Paper Ghost Lanterns
  • Wooden Plank Headstones
  • Bloody Shower Curtain
  • Twirly Ghost


Make a Halloween-Themed Bento Box


If you’re planning a party for a group of kids, it’s a good idea to have Halloween-themed bento boxes. Kids love eating their favorite foods in new ways, which can be a great activity to keep them entertained. Green tortillas become Frankenstein Quesadillas, black olives turn into spook spiders, hot dogs become the perfect mummies.


Try these fantastic food recipes to find the perfect crowd-pleasers:



No bento box? No problem! Pack your creepy crackers in a regular old lunch box, or set up some self-serve platters for guests to browse.


Halloween Photobooth Props


Look, you know your guests will be taking photos… of the kids, of their costumes, of your awesome bento boxes… Why not add to the photo fun and set up a Halloween photo booth? Set up your spooky wall with spider webs and paper cut-out creepy crawlers, then set out some DIY props for guests to choose.


Check out these ideas and get printable props for an easy set up.


  • Ghost Face Photo Booth Props
  • Witch-Themed Photo Booth Props
  • Pumpkin Photo Booth Props


Last Minute Halloween Hacks


Life happens, and sometimes we don’t have time for big party prep. Never fear! Here are some easy last-second Halloween hacks to make your party howlin’.


  • Monster donuts
  • Spider webs… everywhere
  • Frozen Hand ice cubes
  • Ghost dolls
  • DIY Pumpkin bowling




You don’t need pricey craft store decorations to have an awesome Halloween party, and you don’t need to spend hours with a glue gun, either. Get some basic supplies, get your family or friends together, and have fun spookifying your place. Use the above tips to make your own Halloween party decorations and snacks — for a low budget!