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2022: This Is the Year You Break Up with Your Bank

Breaking up isn’t easy, that’s why there are so many heartbroken songs on the topic. From the heartache to the tears to the melodramatic balladry, no one likes a breakup…. We’ve all been in a position where a breakup is probably the best thing for us. We’ve been in those toxic relationships that we’re better off without. Is your banking relationship one of them?


How has your bank been treating you lately? Does it feel like they’re just using you for your money? They don’t care what you need, everything is about them. Maybe they’ve been dodging your calls lately, and things feel… distant. Honey, it’s time you break up with your bank and open yourself up to something better… like a credit union.


So many people are making the move to a credit union that in the past eight years credit union membership has grown to 126 million individuals. Why are so many people flocking to credit unions? Because we care about you. From top to bottom, credit unions are built by and for their members, and their members can feel the difference.


People Over Profits

First, it is important to understand that a credit union is more than just a financial institution. Credit unions were founded to serve their communities, to help people succeed financially. As not-for-profit institutions they aren’t just interested in your money, but you as a person. Today, that means the folks who work at your credit union are invested in your success and want to see you achieve your financial goals. Plus, every credit union member is also a partial owner. That means it’s your voice that matters in choosing the CU’s direction, not some distant stockholders.


All Are Welcome

A common misconception is that a credit union is an exclusive club for only a select few, and that simply isn’t true. While some credit unions only serve certain segments of the population, there are plenty out there who serve people just like you (like Sierra, for instance).


Full Service Financial Institutions

Another myth is that credit unions are limited in the services they offer. A lot of people think credit unions are only good for auto loans. And, yes, we do have AMAZING auto loans. But we also offer all the same services banks do, from savings to credit cards to mortgages, and even small business loans. And yes, we even have all the online banking tools you need, including online applications and remote card control. We can do it all, and most likely with better rates and superior service.


A New Relationship

Switching financial institutions can be a big change, we understand that. That’s why we want to prove that Sierra is a perfect match.


We’re dedicated to our community. Sierra has been serving the men and women who built the West for over 85 years. From supporting small businesses to sponsoring local baseball teams, we’re here, we’re engaged, and we’re committed to the happiness and success of this town.


Most of all, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals. Start your relationship with Sierra today. We can’t break up with your bank for you, but we can make it so much easier to start something better.