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Shared Branching return item $25.00 per item
Foreign Collection item $10.00 per item
Credit Union check- 2 free per month $5.00
Deposited checks returned unpaid $25.00
Returned/Reversed loan payment fee $25.00
Account research per hour (1/2 hour minimum) $25.00
Account balancing assistance per hour (1/2 hour minimum) $25.00
Photocopies per page $0.10 per page
Rolled Coin $0.25 per roll
Stop Payment- all items $25.00
Copy of Draft (in excess of 3 per month) $2.00
Temporary Checks –( New checking account first 8 checks free) $5.00 per sheet
Statement Copy (From Archives) $2.00
Early account closure – closed within 90 days of opening $25.00
Membership reopening $25.00
Processing of subpoenas $20.00
Non-member check cashing $5.00
Stop payment on an official credit union check $5.00
Late fees on Loans at 15 days past due, each month $25.00
Domestic Wire Fee- Incoming $10.00
Domestic Wire Fee- Outgoing $20.00
International Wire Fee – Incoming $20.00
International Wire Fee- Outgoing $40.00
Inactive account fee

Charged monthly after account has been inactive for 24 months

$5.00 per month


Locator fee (returned mail/bad address) $5.00 per month
Verification of deposit $20.00
Express handling fee (under 1 pound) $25.00 per package
Notary Services – see branch signage for non-members (range from $2.50-$5.00) Free for members
Online banking Free

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