Wrap Up Your Worries

Give Yourself the Gift of Financial Peace with the Sierra Pacific Holiday Skip-a-Pay

One of the best things about giving a gift during the holidays is seeing the smile on the recipient’s face. The feeling of giving the perfect gift is unrivaled and something we chase all year. Luckily, we’re ready to give you a gift that’ll make you smile ear-to-ear.

Wrap up your worries this holiday season with the Sierra Pacific Holiday Skip-A-Pay! Skip your loan payment for November or December 2023* and focus on what’s important…time with family and friends!

More cash in your pocket is our gift to you for you to help get more perfect gifts for your loved ones.

*This offer is valid 10/01/2023–12/31/2023. Loans ineligible for Skip-A-Pay are: commercial loans, mortgages, credit cards or lines of credit. Skip-A-Pay fee is $50 per payment skipped. Limit of one skipped payment per loan, per year, with a limit of two skipped payments for the life of the loan. Skipping more than two payments on a loan with Guaranteed Asset Protection effectively cancels that GAP coverage, and the extension of the loan(s) may not be covered by credit insurance or GAP coverage you may have, 6-month payment history required. Request forms must be submitted at least 10 days before the due date of any loan payment you wish to skip. Federally insured by NCUA.