Resolution: Pay it Off Visa Balance Transfer promotion

1 Year at 1% interest on Credit Card Balance Transfers

This January, we’re here to help you cut down on that credit card debt!

Step one: stop paying so much interest! How much is your rewards credit card costing you each month? Most charge between 13 and 25% interest annually. That doesn’t matter if you pay off your card each month, but for the majority of us… Let’s just say those interest payments add up, and fast.

Sierra Pacific’s credit cards are already low-interest. This month only, we’re offering just 1% APR* for the first year on balance transfers. Move your credit card debt over from another institution, and see how much you save on interest payments each month. Put those savings toward paying your debt off faster! Not a bad move, eh?

Call or stop by your branch to get started on your balance transfer. We’d love to answer your questions.


*APR = Annual Percentage interest. Remeber, interest is based on credit-worthiness and subject to change. 1% interest applies for 1 year on balances transferred. You can only have one active balance transfer at a time with Sierra Pacific. Ask your branch for details.