Girl looking out car window

First Tank’s On Us!

This May, we’re filling up your shiny new car for ya’ when you take out an auto loan with Sierra Pacific FCU. *

Step 1) Get an awesome, low-rate auto loan from us

Step 2) Go shopping! Get that awesome car! You already have the loan pre-approved, so you’re in good shape.

Step 3) Fill ‘er up! Get that baby gassed up, introduce the rubber to the road, and enjoy the driving.

Step 4) Bring your gas receipt into the branch, and we’ll reimburse you for up to $75 spent on gas. 

Step 5) Enjoy your new car and crazy-low loan payments.

Step 6) Tell your friends! All of them. They deserve this.


So there you go! Get your new car, our low rates, and a free tank of gas. Remember, this deal only lasts the month, so you’d better jump on it.

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*Reimbursement available for up to $75 when you bring a gas receipt into a branch this May. Only available for new, direct auto loans or pre-approvals. Refinances do not apply. See our refinance promotion, it’s pretty great too.