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  • Leah
  • October 25.2010


With your online banking account, you can have e-statements.  No more paper waste cluttering your counter tops or stacking up, getting in your way.  With just a few simple clicks, you can get yourself set up!  Here's how:
1)  Log in to your online banking account.
2)  Click on the "Services" tab located in the upper right corner in gray.
3)  Click on "E-Mail Preferences".
4)  Enter your email address into both fields.
5)  Select "Send Member Statements Via E-Mail".
6)  Read the terms and agreement and select "I Agree".
7)  Click on submit.
Once this is completed, you will be emailed when your statement is ready for viewing.  You can get your statement by logging in and selecting "View Statements" also located in the gray bar at the top of your screen.

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