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Business Lending

Business Lines of Credit

Is your business in need of some additional cash? A business can need additional cash for a variety of reasons, including hiring more employees for increased sales, expanding to a new location, or a needed increase in inventory for peak season. The fact is, you cannot predict the future, and it is possible you will need additional cash. The best thing is to save money for these opportunities, but the next best option is a business line of credit. Here are some reasons you should get a business line of credit even if you do not need it right now.

You need cash ready at any time

  • To help with a monthly shortage
  • For when an opportunity presents itself (low inventory prices, seasonal dips or increases)

Avoid hefty credit card fees

  • You can do the same thing with a business credit card and pay more interest. Why would you want to pay more for the same thing?

Peace of mind

  • Think of the line of credit like an insurance policy that is never used or paid until YOU need it! You will sleep better at night knowing your business can make its monthly payments or take full advantage of an opportunity in an instant.


Commercial Real Estate Lending

At Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union, we strive to grow the community where we operate. With commercial lending, you can have the chance to grow your business to its full potential. Unlike other institutions, we originate, underwrite, develop, and service our commercial loans in house. Our loan process is simple for our customers; just provide us with a current financial statement and minimum two years of tax returns including K-1s on each borrower/guarantor. We would also need information on the property, which will be disclosed during the loan process as needed. Give our very own Director of Lending, Megan Mathias, a call today to get started 775-834-4579.

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