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Club Accounts

Sierra Pacific's Club Accounts help you save up for seasonal spending. Avoid leaning on the credit card or payday lenders. Put away a bit all year, earn higher interest than your Regular Share Savings Account, and get access to your funds just when you need them.

You can enroll in Direct Deposit and automatically contribute to your club account each pay period. Contact your HR department to learn how.


  • Restricted access so you can save for the holidays or a vacation
  • No minimum balance
  • Earn interest on your savings
  • Payroll deduction and direct deposit available
  • Early access is a $20 fee

Christmas Club

Start saving up now for all those shiny presents, big meals, decorations, and travel expenses. Your Christmas Club funds will be safe from impulse purchases until they are released on November 1st. Have money ready and waiting this holiday season.

Vacation Club

It's one thing to dream of an amazing summer vacation. It's another thing to save up and actually go! Our Vacation Club helps you make the trip a reality without pushing you into debt. Make contributions all year and access the funds when your are ready to book that summer vacay.

Auxiliary Account

Save up for that shopping spree, hunting trip, wedding band, or concert ticket with an Auxiliary Account. Earn higher interest than your regular shares account, and keep your money safe from impulse buys while you save toward your goal. Talk to your Financial Service Reps about opening an account today.




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