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Enroll in Online Banking

To enroll in online banking, first fill out this online form and a credit union member will contact you to verify your information. You can also download this PDF Application and fax it in.


Get immediate access to your accounts 24 hours a day, transfer funds, view account balances, and much, much more.  Online banking gives you a convenient way to handle all of your banking needs in a secure environment.  With online banking, you will have access to all of your accounts.  You can see your balances, check your recent activity, and check your history.  You will be able to transfer funds within your account such as from your savings account to your checking account or vice versa.  You can also get “bill pay” and “e-statements” when you sign up for online banking.


Online Banking Initial Set Up

Open two browsing windows
For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, double-click and open two times from your desktop. (If you are using Outlook, open Outlook and a web browser.)
In one window open your e-mail and in the other, go to

Click on the Online Banking link that looks like the image below.

Next, click on Forgot Password

Enter your User ID
In most cases, it is your four-digit account number. If you do not know your account number, please call us for assistance.
The next screen should look like this:


The page now should say:

An email with a temporary password has been sent to Member Name. Please login with this password within 20 minutes or it will expire and another e-mail will need to be sent. If you are having trouble retrieving this e-mail please contact your Credit Union.

Once you hit Complete, it should automatically redirect you to the login page. You will need to LOG IN with this password. Enter your User ID and the temporary password in the appropriate fields.


The next step will ask you to Enhance Security, Click the following button:

Choose an image and a challenge question that you can easily remember.


Following the security enhancement, you will need to log in once more
with the temporary password sent to you.

The next page will look like this. Register your computer if you do not want the following page to appear in the future.

The last step will look like this:
Enter the temporary password in the top field and choose your own password and input in the last two fields. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive!

That’s it! Now you can access your accounts online and make transfers, bill payments, etc.




Signing up to receive e-Statements is easy!

You must have Online Banking access before beginning.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Log in using your User ID and Password
Step 3: Click on the “Services” tab. It is the last tab on the top to the right of the screen.
Step 4: Select “E-mail Preferences”
Step 5: Select “Send Member Statements Via E-Mail
Step 6: “I Agree” and click “Submit”



Bill Payer Service Set Up Instructions

You must have Flex Teller Online access before using your Bill Payer service. If you have a paper copy of your bill, it may facilitate adding a payee but it is not necessary as long as you have the account number.

  1. Once you have logged on to your Flex Teller click on the Bill Payer tab at the top left side of the screen. Another window should open and bring you to the Bill Payer home screen.
  2. To add a payee, roll over the Payments tab at the top right of the screen, and a drop down menu should show automatically. Select “Add a Payee.”
  3. On the left side of the screen, you will see four choices
    1. Add a Bill
    2. Add a Person
    3. Add a Charity
    4. Add a Gift Recipient

  4. Depending on which option you choose, it will ask you questions before you can add a payee.
    For example, to add a bill it will ask: “What type of payee do you want to add?” If it is a company such as your cable bill, select “Company” and continue. It will bring you to this page:
  5. Hit “Next” and you will be able to review and finish adding a payee.


Paying a Bill with Bill Payer

  1. To pay a bill after adding your payee, roll over the payments tab again and select either “Single Payment” or “Recurring Payment” and you will be directed to a screen like the one below:
  2. Select as many bills as you wish to pay, and input the amount you wish to pay.
  3. Choose the date you want your bill to be processed. Keep in mind that it takes about 4 business days from date of process for your company to receive the payment.
  4. Hit “Next” and you will be able to review and confirm your payment.




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