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Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union Member Information

Is there really a difference between
credit unions and banks? Can my credit union give
me all the products and services that any bank does? 
The answer to both is YES!

Credit unions are fundamentally different from banks.  As not-for-
profit organizations, credit unions do not have a paid board of directors,  nor do they earn dividends for private shareholders.  As such, all the money earned by the credit union goes back to our members in the form of dividends, attractive loan rates, low fees and improved services. 

Once a member, Always a member!

ierra Pacific Federal Credit Union is the first credit union in Nevada and one of the first credit unions in the West.  However, being first is not our secret to success.  Sierra Pacific FCU is built on an obsession with meeting its member's financial needs through unparalleled value and personalized service. 

Sierra Pacific FCU offers some of the highest rates in the Nation on investments, and some of the lowest rates on loans.  Our performance exceeds some of the most aggressive institutions in the country.  As a private financial institution we are able to customize our services around specific member needs.  SPFCU operates for you, the owner.

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